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Platform for Building Financial Applications


In 30 minutes
Use our application builder to configure your application. We’ll generate a customized guide to make your integration quick and easy and an implementation timeline so you’ll know what to expect.


In 24 hours
We’ll build your sandbox environment. You can deploy a white-labeled turnkey solution, integrate with our API or SDKs, or use any of the UI widgets to build your own product.


In 72 hours
Optionally, we can deploy the application inside your existing cloud infrastructure so you can maintain full control of compute, storage, and version.


In 3 weeks
Depending on your application, you can deploy in as little as three weeks. We’re committed to help you launch a world-class product!

Fast and Easy Integration

Feature-Rich Platform

Our platform has the most complete set of functionalities including ACH, KYC, card issuance, credit score, financial data aggregation, IAV, and much more. Each functionality is feature-rich; be it KBA and document verification for KYC, reward-point tracking for card issuance, or sub-account ledgering for deposit accounts, you can rely on our scalable and secure platform for every stage of your business.

Integrate Your Way

There are six ways to work with our platform, including a library of UI widgets, Web SDK, and GraphQL API. We believe in empowering back-end developers, front-end developers, and non-technical entrepreneurs to build a world-changing product.

With a single line of code, you can embed fully customizable widgets into your application. Choose from our vast library of widgets spanning personal finance to payments to identity verification to credit decisioning.


Our TypeScript-enabled Web SDK allows you to focus on your front-end and build your application entirely in JavaScript.

  description: 'A note about this transfer',
  fromFinancialAccountId: 'Pfy_FinA-aaaaaBBBBB000000',
  toFinancialAccountId: 'Pfy_FinA-1234567890ABCDEF',
  transferAmount: {
    amount: 250,
    currency: 'USD',
  sameDay: false,
  requesterPersonId: 'Pfy_P-KM5CRf9Xz',
  requesterLoginId: 'Pfy_L-9k7D702b9'
}).then(({ id: achTransferRequestId }) => {
  // Callback handler
}).catch(error => {
  // Error handler

Our GraphQL Query Builder tool allows you to build and test queries so you can build integrations quickly and easily.

finsightProfile { person { names { firstName lastName primary } } financialAccounts( accountClassification: "I" ) { accountName currentBalances { assetId amount } } }
"finsightProfile": { "person": { "names": [{ "firstName": "Jane", "lastName": "Doe", "primary": true }] }, "financialAccounts": [{ "accountName": "My IRA", "currentBalances": [{ "assetId": "USD", "amount": 100000.14 }, { "assetId": "AMZN", "amount": 4 }] }] }

Custom Integration Guide

Our onboarding workflow generates a custom integration guide tailored to your specific use cases. The guide is interactive and has step-by-step instructions.

Built-In Administration Portal

We believe in supporting not only developers, but also the operations team. We provide a customizable and extensible admin dashboard with core functionalities for managing users, tracking tasks and requests, managing documents, viewing reports, and interacting with financial data. The components of this dashboard can also be embedded into your own UI.

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